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Toyota Corolla is one of Toyota’s model of vehicles they manufacture for over millions of people all over the world. Toyota’s Corolla model has earned it a lot of success over the years whether New or Used Toyota Corolla mainly due it the car’s affordability and yet quality that is able to last longer for its consumers. As a consumer you can choose to purchase either new or used Toyota Corolla. Let’s dive into much more details of the Toyota Corolla and why you should consider purchasing it. 

Who Makes the Toyota Corolla? 

Funny enough the name attached to it should be able to speak for itself or give you a certain clue of who makes the Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla was born or came into existence around the year 1966 The motive behind the manufacturing of this saloon car was for Toyota to be able to serve it consumers who wanted to get own a Toyota vehicle with a little budget. 

Why is the Car called Corolla? 

The name Corolla given to Toyota’s subcompact car was derived from a Latin word “Small”.  

What are available Models of Toyota Corolla? 

The Toyota Corolla has been upgraded severally to obtain the best out of it since its inception, Early versions of Corolla were predominantly rear-wheel drive, however subsequent versions of Toyota Corolla have had front-wheel drive throughout their existence. There have also been four-wheel-drive variants of the Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla is not left alone without any competition like the queen of England, it is highly competed in recent times by Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra and Hyundai Elantra, which also offers an amazing ride as the Corolla does. According to Toyota’s chassis and engine identification codes, the Corolla’s chassis identification code is “E.” 

What’s a Used Toyota Corolla? 

Let me make this explanation simple because it is, when you hear the term “Used Toyota Corolla” in simple terms it means A Toyota Corolla which has been used by someone and available for sale or gift. So, once it has already been registered by someone before and used then you can term it as a “Used Toyota Corolla”. 

How do I know a Used Toyota Corolla? 

It’s quite easy to know if a Toyota Corolla is used or new, you can start by viewing the mileage level on the Corolla’s dashboard, The higher the number the more the Corolla is used. You can also do some inspections on the car, for example; Interior condition of the Corolla, does the seats look new or old? If the seats of the Toyota Corolla look old then it means it has been used. If you don’t have the technical eye you can seek the help of an auto mechanic to check the engine of the Corolla, An auto Mechanic can inspect and know whether the Toyota Corolla has been used or not. 

Toyota Corolla Generations 

  • First generation (E10; 1966) 
  • Second generation (E20; 1970) 
  • Third generation (E30, E40, E50, E60; 1974) 
  • Fourth generation (E70; 1979) 
  • Fifth generation (E80; 1983) 
  • Sixth generation (E90; 1987) 
  • Seventh generation (E100; 1991) 
  • Eighth generation (E110; 1995) 
  • Ninth generation (E120, E130; 2000 
  • Tenth generation (E140, E150; 2006) 
  • Eleventh generation (E160, E170, E180; 2012) 
  • Twelfth generation (E210; 2018) 

 So, you see, The Toyota Corolla has undergone a lot of changes and upgrades before it has been able to get to where it is right now. Toyota being a true believer of going green and innovating to have a vehicle that do not burn carbon products to emit gases, Toyota has manufactured a hybrid version of the Toyota Corolla which is a big win for Toyota, its consumers and the whole world at large. 

A Summary Specification of 2021 Toyota Corolla 

The 2021 Toyota Corolla has a sleek and a sharp exterior design that perfectly will match any event or activity you might want to perform with it, Having the latest Corolla around you boost your confident level knowing you have a car that is only waiting for your command and its ready to move to any distance. 

Even though I have seen Corolla’s competitors with awesome 2021 design but look, the 2021 Toyota Corolla design is on another level for me. 

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