How to Clean the Interior of Toyota Rav4

Whether you use your Toyota Rav4 or not, one way or the other dirt and dust will find their way into your vehicle, sometimes you may not want someone to deep clean, the interior of your vehicle. Plus, the job can be a bit expensive, this can easily be done on your own.




  1. Gather Trash and Debris

Start by Collecting and disposing of all the garbage from the floorboards, cup holders, door pockets, and seat pockets. Remove car seats, toys, and other things from the inside of your Rav4.



  1. Remove and Clean the Floor Mats

Floor mats are also some of the dirtiest things in the interior of the vehicle. Remove both of them from the car to make washing faster. Give each mat a good shake or vacuum before you start sweeping. Place them on a tarp or other form of drop cloth rather than on a filthy sheet. Using a carpet or upholstery cleaner for carpeted mats and follow the guidelines.

Using a hose to wash excess soil for rubber, vinyl or silicone pads. Mix in a bowl a solution of boiling water and a few drops of dishwashing water. Soak the brush in the solution to dust the mats. Wash well to let the air dry before putting it back in the car and continue washing the other parts of the interior.



  1. How to Clean the Interior Windows and Mirror

Use a microfiber cloth and an ammonia-free commercial window cleaner (ammonia can destroy internal plastics) in a plastic container to clear the dust from inside windows. Make your own window cleaner by adding a one-to-one formulation of concentrated white vinegar with water. Lower the windows marginally and start at the top of the window and work down to capture any drops.



  1. How to Clean the Center Console

Cup holders are normally found in the middle console, which can get messy. Enable the cup holder to soak in warm water with any dishwashing liquid if it is removable. With a towel, scrub it out. Wipe it down with a soft cloth and thoroughly rinse it with fresh water. Reassemble the console after it has dried.

Using a sterile microfiber cloth that is just somewhat moist to clean the gearstick and other controls. Using an old toothbrush, a moist cotton swab, or a damp paper towel wrapped it around tip of a blunt knife or flat-head screwdriver to penetrate narrow areas.




  1. How to remove Dashboard Dust and Grime

Clean the dashboard as much as necessary with a duster and cotton swabs to get into tight spaces around vents and knobs. Clear all grime and stains with a gently moist microfiber cloth after dusting.



  1. Disinfect the Steering Wheel

Using a disinfecting wipe, remove germs and bacteria from the steering wheel and gear shift knobs of your Rav4. Using a clean microfiber fabric, buff dry.



  1. How to clean Leather Car Seats

Using the vacuum crevice method to clear dust and grime from the stitching and the area where the backs and bottom seats intersect if you have leather car seats. Use a commercial leather cleaner or a saddle soap and water solution to wipe down each bench.

To regain suppleness and shine after cleaning the seat, use a leather conditioner.



  1. How to Clean Cloth Car Seats


Start by vacuuming each seat thoroughly if you have fabric car seats. Pretreat deeply stains areas with upholstery cleaner or follow the stain removal instructions for a particular stain. Create a paste with powdered oxygen-based bleach and a little water to remove dye-based stains like Kool-Aid. Until vacuuming up the debris, apply the paste to the stained region and let it sit for at least one hour.

Once the hard stains have been cleaned, scrub the whole seat according to the upholstery cleaner’s directions. Scrub the cleaner onto the cotton with a scrub brush, then rinse away the cleaner and grime with a microfiber cloth soaked in plain water.

If required, repeat the steps and let the seats air dry.



  1. How to Clean the Door Panels

Carpet and vinyl or leather can be used for the door panels. Deep clean the finishes and clean out the pockets with a wet microfiber rag. Make sure the back door or hatchback is clean as well. When washing your Toyota Rav4, leave the doors open so that the dirt and debris fall outside.


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